Distributor Position at Gourmet Oil and ghee mill jobs 2024

Distributor Position at Gourmet Oil and ghee mill


Distributor Position at Gourmet Oil and Ghee Mill Jobs 2024 The government needs a sufficient number of workers, and there are more workers in the mills. This excellent mill is based in Lahore and has other branches in other cities. However, at the moment, employment is needed at the Lahore mill, where men and women from various cities are welcome to apply. It generates ghee and oil. There are numerous people employed in this excellent factory.

In Pakistan, this mill is a very ancient one. It is a mill that is superior to many others. Its employees are well-served by their line of work. is finished, and this mill is pretty ancient Government-run ghee and oil mills. , a large number of workers, who do not have a day off, come to work . Employees arrive from many cities, including cities abroad.

Numerous Jobs in Punjab for Ghee and Government Oil Distribution Pakistan, however, has posted distributor positions in Lahore that are open to male applicants from several cities. The government will not support young people who are entirely independent at home, seeking employment, or who are not finding a suitable job; even if they perform labor for $15,000, they will not receive assistance. I can apply and get a decent job.


The game and government oil mills are excellent mills. It pays its employees well and provides them with nice apartments; foreign workers come from other cities for these benefits, which also include good rooms and food. which is a canteen inside the mill where you can receive one or two meals a day for a very affordable price. Men and women with degrees from various cities who have two, three, or four years of experience can apply for the Smart Distributor positions being released by Govt Island Gay Mills.

This mill is located in Lahore, and candidates who wish to apply or who are not getting any kind of job are looking for a private good job. Many employees have extended tenures at Ghee Mills and Government Oil. These workers are also covered by health insurance through this mill. Their household rations and their children’s fees follow them through the mill. Applying to this mill and starting his own business is a good way for a young person who does not get hired by the government or the commercial sector to better himself


Oil mill Distributor Position Vacant

This time, Government Oil and Ghee Mills have announced the distributor’s job description. The distributor’s duties include visiting many mills, taking samples, improving those samples over their own mill, and then advertising.

Therefore, the distributor’s mission is to take samples from his mills, present them to other mills, give them his sample and product, begin supplying his mills’ goods to other mills, and travel to different places. Additionally, he leaves the nation in order to allow government oil and ghee factories to apply for distributor positions. Any candidate from any city who wishes to apply must be degree-holder.
He or she should have at least a master’s degree.

Oil mill Distributor jobs Details

Online Applicants:      : Be among the first 25 applicants 

Category/Sector   :        : Private

Newspaper            :         : Express jobs

Education              :         : inter to Bachelor

Vacancy Location :         : Lahore, Punjab, pakistan

Organisation         :         : Gourmet Oil & Ghee Mills

Job industry          :        : Distribution Jobs

Job type                :         : Full time

Job Experience    :         : 2 years

Post Date              :         : 04 February 2024

Last Date              :         : 04 April 2024

Oil mill Distributor Online Apply

Apply Now

Men and women from all around Pakistan are welcome to apply for the jobs that Gourmet Oil and Ghee Mill will need filled in 2024. Government Oil and Ghee Mill that this branch is in Lahore. Women can apply for jobs and get hired by doing so. This mail is excellent, mill.

It is present in numerous locations, including Sialkot, Lahore, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Karachi, Sindh, and Sukkur; however, this particular branch is located close to Kalma Chowk in Lahore. To obtain a distributor position, they have released a job. Any applicant who is interested in the distributor position may apply online at okyjob.com, our official website.


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